Chipotle CEO to Cramer: Changing food culture

Chipotle changing food culture: CEO

On the 10th anniversary of "Mad Money," Jim Cramer reminded investors that while it is good to have skepticism in investing, sometimes you need to pinch yourself and keep going when the company is a best of breed stock.

He applies that advice to Chipotle, which may seem as though it has run up too much, making you feel like you've missed the boat. However, Cramer still thinks it has a lot of life in it.

Chipotle has revolutionized the food industry by selling delicious and locally sourced food. The concept of integrity in food has helped the company to massively rally since it went public nine years ago.

To find out more on what Chipotle could have in store for the future, Cramer spoke with director and co-CEO Monty Moran.

Chipotle restaurant in New York City
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Moran attributed the success of Chipotle to various factors, including the use of the best tasting ingredients, an eye for sustainability and team members that believe in the mission of the company.

"That combination produces a really great dining experience and is something that is really genuine and resonates with our customers," Moran said.

Chipotle's strong culture of integrity was also evident in the decision for the company to sever ties with one pork supplier for failing to follow the company's protocols for the treatment of pigs.

"There's plenty of pork out there, but there's not plenty of pork out there that is the kind of quality we are looking to serve at Chipotle," Moran said.

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This decision prompted the chain to stop carrying pork in a portion of its stores and resulted in a large monetary loss. Moran explained that this was an easy decision for them to make, as it serves the ideals that the company abides by.

"We want our customers to know that we care more about where our food comes from than they probably do," he added.

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