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Power Play: Market drivers to watch in the weeks ahead

Janet Yellen
Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

It's been another roller coaster week for the markets. Low oil prices and a stronger dollar have been dominating the headlines. As investors get ready for a new week, the fed meeting will be in focus.

Jordan Posner, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager with Matrix Asset Advisors, told CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Friday, it is inevitable that the fed will hike rates. But he says investors are way too hung up on the timing of when that will happen.

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Posner believes in the weeks ahead he'll be closely looking at GDP related data to see whether the slowdown will continue as well as inflation data. "Watch the balance between general economic activity and employment and the way they evolve," Posner said.

Gene Peroni, Portfolio Manager and Senior Vice President with Advisors Asset Management said he doesn't think next week's Fed meeting will be huge for the markets. He thinks the biggest challenge to the market is sliding oil prices. "Low oil prices will open up the debate about global economic expansion," Peroni said. In the weeks ahead he'll be watching transportation stocks and the biotechs.