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The best way to profit from a nasty winter

Thanks to Mother Nature, many of the cars around the country spent the winter driving through ugly slush and monstrous potholes left in the wake of big snow storms. And while it is certainly frustrating to take your car in for repair, Jim Cramer sees it as a trend for profit.

"Everybody needs a new rim, which means all these potholes aren't just a problem, they're an investment opportunity!" Cramer said.

As long as you are willing to do the homework and take the time to the pick up the cues in your everyday life, there is always a path to terrific investments!

A pedestrian walks on the street through the snow during a winter blizzard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Brian Snyder | Reuters

There are several angles that you can take, first starting with the direct approach with stocks like Vulcan Materials or Martin Marietta. Both are companies involved in making asphalt and cement that repairs roads. However, Cramer thinks there could be better opportunities since repairing roads is such a small part of both companies' business.

The next angle to take is auto repair.

"You drive over enough potholes, and believe me, your car or truck or SUV is going to need some work done if you want to keep having a smooth ride," the "Mad Money" host said.

This means it's time to go to Cramer's favorite auto part retailer, AutoZone. In its conference call last week the company confirmed a spike in sales from the rough winter.

The reason why this is the perfect time to scoop up some AutoZone: spring is right around the corner. According to AutoZone's research, given on the conference call, the do-it-yourself fixers come out of the woodwork when winter ends.

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About 85 percent of all AutoZone sales stem from individuals fixing their own cars. But the real reason why Cramer likes this company is because it is a well-run, shareholder friendly business.

So, while Friday was a nasty day for the market, sometimes that means opening your eyes to see the trends happening around you and finding a way to pluck a great investment idea from your everyday life. With all the potholes on the roads, Cramer thinks AutoZone is a terrific buy.

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