Apple's big secret is out, and that's good: Analyst

Apple's decision to open the beta version of its latest iOS update for consumers to test is a necessary step to build a better operating system and to create buzz, an analyst said Friday.

"IOS is Apple. This is where revenue, profit and growth come from," said Max Wolff, chief economist at Manhattan Venture Partners.

Apple iOS 8
Source: Apple Inc.
Apple iOS 8

"You need the public out there working with you to fix it better, faster," Wolff said on CNBC's "Tech Bet."

In an email interview with CNBC, he added: "Open betas invite early [adopters] and users to be more involved and excited. These people are key to virality, make their own ads, create buzz and are great word-of-mouth brand ambassadors."

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Previously, Apple opened beta versions of its operating system only to app developers for testing. After that, the tech giant would work out any kinks discovered in testing before releasing the update to the public.

While Apple is opening up confidential information by allowing access to the public, it needs to open its doors to a broader group of testers, Wolff said.

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On its website, Apple asks that public beta testers refrain from discussing, blogging, publicly posting information about the software or capturing screen shots of the beta version.

"If you want to be the global behemoth and dominant player, doing everything, everywhere, all the time, which Apple is and does want to continue to be, then there's only so secretive you can afford to be," Wolff said.

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"What I really like about this is also what I like about the new phones, the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. It's Apple kind of exorcising the ghost of Steve Jobs. The world has changed. Apple needs to be in the world now. … It can't be always trying to figure out what the ghost of Steve Jobs would want."