Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center Celebrates 20 Years, Urges Preventative Care for Pets

TROUTDALE, Ore., March 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The family-owned Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, headed by veterinarian Dr. Ken DeRemer, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Troutdale this year. After graduating from UC Davis in 1983, Dr. DeRemer worked gaining clinical experience in hospitals for 10 years. In 1993 he worked as a house-call veterinarian while constructing his veterinary hospital, which began operating full time 20 years ago. The practice has grown to three full-time veterinarians and a large support staff working with dogs, cats, birds, small mammals and exotic pets. For the anniversary, Dr. DeRemer wants to stress preventative care to help pets stay healthy and avoid illnesses before they occur.

"Working with my patients is truly an honor every day, and these 20 years have flown by," says Dr. DeRemer. "If there is just one important thing I want to convey to pet owners here in Troutdale it's how important preventative care is for all pets, large and small. Simple things like regular checkups, pet dental care, staying current on vaccinations, making sure your pet eats a nutritious diet, exercises and maintains a healthy weight; all of these things can add precious, high-quality time to a pet's life."

Dr. DeRemer says extending quality time to pets' lives is one reason his practice focuses on wellness and geriatric care. He says that many pets enter their senior years at age seven, so the animal hospital has a program called "Senior at Seven." According to Dr. DeRemer high-tech, early-detection testing to monitor for cardiovascular disease, cancer, thyroid disorders, arthritis, diabetes and other age-related pet illnesses is important. He says that the earlier they detect these issues, the more effectively they can treat them, sometimes with nutritional supplements and other non-invasive procedures.

Two other pet wellness issues Dr. DeRemer wants to spotlight are preventing diseases through vaccination and helping pets get proper dental care. "Oregon is an outdoor Mecca for people and their pets, so it's very important that pets receive their core vaccinations on their regular schedule because deadly and painful disease like rabies, distemper and others still lurk in our environment." He adds that even Lyme disease is making inroads west of the Cascades, so he urges pet owners to keep their pets current on their flea and tick medications also.

As for pet dental care, Dr. DeRemer says that veterinary experts recommend that dogs and cats have a yearly dental exam and cleaning, and that pet owners learn how to brush their pets' teeth daily at home. He adds that he and his staff are always happy to give people tips on training their pets to accept a new dental hygiene regimen.

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