Premier Family Chiropractic Educates Patients on Basics of Spinal Care

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., March 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premier Family Chiropractic is educating patients about the importance of spinal care for overall health. From good posture to at-home exercises and stretching, chiropractor Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman is working to help patients learn more about how to maintain a healthy spine and reduce the occurrence of back pain through better spinal care.

The spine is the body's foundation; when it is properly aligned, the body is able to function in a state of ease. Over time, however, poor posture, improper lifting technique, and even daily activities like reaching, bending and sleeping can affect the spine's alignment, cautions Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman.

According to Dr. Uzelman, many back pain cases are not caused by a traumatic accident injury, but by natural wear and tear that occurs over time – and that some of this wear and tear can be avoided with better spinal care.

"Back pain costs are staggering, both in terms of expensive medical care as well as lost work productivity and a diminished quality of life," said Dr. Uzelman. "Many of our patients are surprised to learn that some of their back pain could have been avoided with better spinal care. That's why our chiropractic center is launching a new campaign to educate patients about the basics of spinal care. We are passionate about the importance of proactive care for whole body health and injury prevention."

When standing, Dr. Uzelman recommends that individuals keep one foot in front of the other with the knees slightly bent. This position helps to take pressure off the lower back. Whenever possible, avoiding standing while bending forward for prolonged periods. Doing so can decondition the muscles in the lower back, which may lead to pain.

When lifting heavy objects, lift from the legs, not the lower back. Never twist while lifting as doing so can damage the spine.

"If you are struggling to lift something that's just too heavy, then stop," said Dr. Uzelman. "The risk of hurting the lumbar spine is simply too great when lifting a heavy object. Pushing a heavy object is easier on the back then pulling it. Always use the legs to push the object."

In addition to taking care while lifting heavy objects, Dr. Uzelman advises his patients to be careful when reaching and bending as well.

"If you need to reach for an object that's above shoulder level, use a stool," cautions the chiropractor. "Straining to reach a high object can hurt the mid-back and neck, and may also cause shoulder problems. When carrying a heavy object, keep the object as close to your body as possible."

Dr. Uzelman is also encouraging patients to stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Extra weight strains the spine.

"Keep your weight within a 10 pound range of the ideal weight to avoid back problems."

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