Spring Weather Brings Renewed Need for Heartworm and Flea Prevention Says Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic

WESTFIELD, Ind., March 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The veterinary care team at Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic is reminding pet owners about the importance of heartworm and flea prevention medication, especially with warmer spring weather right around the corner. Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic offers Proheart 6 injectable heartworm prevention, the only injectable heartworm preventative to provide six full months of continuous heartworm protection in a single dose. The wellness clinic also recommends Bravecto as an oral three-month flea and tick preventative.

With warmer spring weather on the way for Westfield, Indiana, flea, tick and mosquito season is also right around the corner. Veterinarians Dr. Steve Nichols and Dr. Michael Graves are encouraging pet owners to be prepared with the necessary flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. While these parasites can affect pets at any time of the year, the veterinary clinic says pet owners can sometimes forget to use the preventative treatments during colder winter months. Now is the time to get pets back on track, say Dr. Nichols and Dr. Graves.

"Heartworm disease can affect pets at any time of the year, not just during the warmer months," cautions Dr. Nichols. "There is no safe haven any where or any time in the United States from heartworm disease. Oftentimes pet owners only think about heartworm prevention in conjunction with the warmer months of the year. This is one reason why we recommend Proheart 6; it provides continuous protection throughout the year."

A single injectable dose of Proheart 6 provides continuous heartworm protection for six months. With no monthly doses or chewable pills to take, Dr. Graves says that the medication also provides pet owners with valuable peace of mind.

Proheart 6 is FDA approved for canines. The medication is safe for breeding males, pregnant and lactating females, and ivermectin-sensitive collies.

Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic also carries Bravecto, an oral three-month flea and tick preventative. Bravecto is the first oral chew to deliver 12 full weeks of flea and tick protection in a single dose. Like Proheart 6, Bravecto is also safe for breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs. Both Proheart 6 and Bravecto are only available via a veterinary prescription.

"We are encouraging pet owners to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian to learn more about the different flea, tick and heartworm prevention products currently available on the market," said Dr. Graves. "Pet owners often tell us that it can be easy to forget a monthly pill or that they are unsure if they have applied a topical flea preventative correctly. Longer lasting oral preventatives eliminate these problems and reduce protection gaps that can sometimes occur with monthly preventatives."

In addition to Proheart 6 and Bravecto, the veterinary clinic continues to offer the monthly heartworm preventative Heartguard and flea/tick preventative Nexgard.

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