Chicken named Gloria to decide Burger King Chicken Fries fate


Burger King executives are handing off some important menu decision making powers to an unlikely source: a chicken named Gloria.

As part of a national tour, Gloria will decide whether Burger King's popular chicken fries will return to the menu in select restaurants.

A chicken named Gloria will decide whether Chicken Fries return in select restaurants.
Source: Burger King

The chain first resurrected the strips of breaded white meat chicken last summer after an outpouring of social media support for the former menu item. The limited-time promotion ended a few months later after customers purchased them all.

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Beginning in the New York area, Gloria will stop at select Burger King items near high concentrations of Chicken Fries fans. After ascending from her custom-designed coop onto a stage, she will pick whether the item returns to each restaurant by choosing a bowl of food marked "yes" or one marked "no."

The restaurants she does not visit will remain free of Chicken Fries for now.

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Chicken fries are one of several items Burger King and McDonald's have recently added back to their menus in an attempt to boost sales from nostalgic customers and bet on items that have sold relatively well in the past.

In a conference call last month, Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International CEO Daniel Schwartz specifically singled out Chicken Fries as a product that helped drive sales and traffic at the company.

Schwartz described the item as its "most successful product launch since acquiring the company in 2010 and another example of an operationally simple, yet very impactful product."