CCTV Script 16/03/15

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on March 16, Monday.

Disney shares hit a new all-time high on the heels of the company announcing at its annual shareholder meeting a "Frozen" sequel and details of how it will expand "Star Wars" with three movies over the next three years.

We saw the power of Disney's brands for the past weekend -- "Cinderella" racked up a royal $70.1 million to lead the domestic box office.

Analysists told CNBC that "Cinderella" won't be a hit on the level of record-breaking "Frozen." It isn't expected to have crossover appeal to boys, as "Frozen" did with charming snowman Olaf, and it doesn't have catchy songs throughout-"Cinderella" isn't a musical. Plus unlike superhero movies, the more classic a fairy tale, the less opportunity there is for a sequel.

But "Cinderella" has the advantage of massive name recognition, worldwide, and positive reviews. Plus, it's a consumer products gold mine-building on Disney's $1 billion plus in revenue from its "Princess Products." And that "Frozen" short may bring in a much broader audience than "Cinderella" would otherwise have drawn.

The movie, however, kicks off a packed movie schedule, including two Pixar films this year and 11 Marvel movies in the next few years, according to Disney's CEO Bob Iger, who also announced the title for the first "Star Wars" spinoff, which will be called "Rogue One."

However, with this packed movie slate, Iger still has some big challenges before he leaves his post in 2018. He's talked extensively about the fact that the way people watch, and pay for content, is changing, and Disney's biggest division-in terms of revenue and profits-is its TV networks. And much of that revenue comes from TV bundling.

CNBC's Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.

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