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Cramer: 'I’m just not a bear on Netflix'

Cramer: Don't be bearish on Netflix

Investors should not turn bearish on Netflix's stock despite its most-recent downgrade, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Monday.

"They do have the right programming," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street. " "They're taking the world by storm. I think Netflix can raise its prices dramatically like Amazon Prime [or] like Costco and it wouldn't matter … I'm just not a bear on Netflix. "

Cramer made his remarks after Evercore downgraded Netflix shares from "hold" to sell Monday morning, citing growing domestic competition. Evercore also reduced its target price from $450 a share to $380, while also reducing its consolidated operating income outlook on the streaming giant by 26 percent.

"I have trouble with this because this was an analyst who was not recommending [Netflix] when it was on the way up, and then had one of the absolute great runs," Cramer said. "This is a new thing I see analysts doing. 'We missed it, let's go to a sell.'"

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Netflix's stock fell more than 3 percent Monday morning. Click here to see what the stock is doing now.