AirSage CEO Cy Smith Joins SpaceCurve Advisory Board

SEATTLE, March 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SpaceCurve today announces that AirSage® CEO Cy Smith has joined its Advisory Board. Smith, who founded AirSage in 2000, is a pioneer in the transformation of wireless signaling data into actionable, consumer location and population movement intelligence. Smith holds five patents for technology that aggregates and analyzes signaling data from mobile devices.

SpaceCurve recently launched the first platform built specifically for spatially organizing and enabling the analysis of large-scale spatial data. SpaceCurve continuously fuses geospatial, sensor, IoT, social media, location, and other streaming and historical data while making the data immediately available for analytics and operational intelligence.

AirSage is a pioneer in population analytics and the largest provider of consumer location and population movement intelligence in the U.S. The two companies recently formed a joint partnership to offer consumer marketing and entertainment companies a solution for modeling a more complete understanding of consumer behavior based on time, location, motion, sensor data, and other attributes.

Initially, SpaceCurve will fuse AirSage mobile device location data with diverse location-enabled data sources to provide better understanding of consumer behaviors and to enhance guest experiences that affect satisfaction.

In addition to AirSage, SpaceCurve is live with partners including Esri and L-3, and with customers in government, defense, transportation, location analytics and telecommunications.

About AirSage

AirSage®-a pioneer in population analytics-is the largest provider of consumer locations and population movement intelligence in the world. Each day, AirSage uses patented technology to capture and analyze more than 15 billion anonymous, real-time, cellular-signal data points to identify travel patterns and transportation trends. Partnerships with the nation's largest wireless carriers give AirSage exclusive access to data from more than 100 million mobile devices. Analyzed and aggregated, AirSage data provides actionable insights into where and when people travel and is transforming the transportation industry, commercial enterprises and a diverse range of industries.

About SpaceCurve

SpaceCurve is the only spatial data platform to support continuous high-velocity ingestion of complex, spatially organized data, enabling real time analysis of extreme data volumes. SpaceCurve makes it possible to manage, analyze, and act on fast-moving machine-generated data with the precision, speed and scale required for true operational intelligence. From location analysis and remote sensing, to network optimization, logistics, and machine-to-machine applications, SpaceCurve delivers spatial data at the speed of reality.

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