Million in Prizes, in Chinese RMB, That Will Help Your App Reach the World

BEIJING, March 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Still as of 2013, Chinese APPS have had a bad reputation in the world. In 2014, this started to change, when a whole new crop of high quality apps emerged in China. Starting in 2015, the Chinese market is internally preparing to bring its quality and innovative apps to the world market.

January 6th 2015, the INNO-APPS contest begins, with INNO-APPS Beijing as the first leg of this journey around the world. "The Alliance of APP Globalization", formed by, JJ Ventures, Yeahmobi, and Oasis Games, is holding this global competition. This competition also got great support from Biggest Android Community in the world.

These events are born out of hope to build a global platform that will be a bridge between the world and China; it will expand communication, sharing, and create a one-stop service for developers of innovative APPS, looking to bring their apps to a world market place.

Right now, this competition is collecting innovative APPS, from developers. After 2 months of collecting and selecting, the final results will be published on March 21st, 2015. The winner will receive 1 million RMB worth in prizes. All finalists can enter "The World's TOP100 Mobile Developers Club."

Mob will announce and award the leading app ranking list in 2014, based on Mob analytics. Mob's service covers more than 1.2 billion mobile devices, and 120,000 apps are using Mob's SDKs, by the end of December 2014.

The INNO-APPS competition is a well planned and organized event, in the Chinese APP industry. INNO-APPS Beijing is the first stop, for this global event. INNO-APPS Silicon Valley will be the second stop, and cover APPS from North America and Europe. INNO-APPS Israel will be the third stop, and it will cover APPS from Southeast Asia and the Middle-East. The last stop is INNO-APPS Hong Kong, for the final competition. In 2015, this event is an easy path for great app developers to seek the international market.

Insiders on the Chinese APP market, believe that China has too many apps in its market in 2014. APP development teams are getting bigger and more numerous, to build ever more diverse kinds of APPS. The reality is though that few APPS, will actually survive. Competition is messy, chaotic and brutal, the laws of the jungle define who survives. The few that will survive will still struggle, and fight in an ever tighter market Chinese APP market.

Chinese Developers are looking out at the international market, and yearn for its massive scale, and more orderly environment.

14% of APPS developed in China, are exporting to the world market, as of the 3rd quarter of 2014: 47% games, 20% system tools, 13% Entertainment and Camera editing/effects apps.

Chinese APPS are starting to have some influence in the international market, especially in North America, and in Southeast Asia. These few successes, that struggle a lonely path far from their homes, are attracting more and more interest in the Chinese APP industry.

Chinese developers will soon not have to fight it out alone on the world market. "The Alliance of APP Globalization" has become a group of the consensus companies for helping developers.

GangQiang Chen, the CEO of, has said "building 'The Alliance of APP Globalization' was about promoting cooperation with Chinese Developers and the world, and to create a one-stop service for Chinese APPS wanting to export to the world."

"The members of this alliance, bring distinct and powerful advantages. is the premier APP service platform, with a diverse range of tools for developers to enrich their apps functionality. Yeahmobi knows mobile advertising, and how to make apps, make money. JJ Ventures has the money to push great new products and great new companies from ideas to the market. Oasis Games can publish any games in China, to the world market. APK Bus, code4app, are diverse online communities where developers can connect and help each other to new levels of success."

"These companies together create a powerful and complete force to push innovative and creative Chinese APPS, into the bigger international APP market," Chen concluded.

Xiaowu Zou, Chairman of the Board of Yeahmobi said, they will select 25 Innovative prizes in Beijing. The winner will get 1 million RMB in prizes, overseas adverting and marketing resources. Then each team, from around the world, will join the final competition in Hong Kong. All of them could become members of "The World's TOP100 Mobile Developers Club."

Jun Lei, the president of Xiaomi said something very popular: "Pigs could fly if you let them stand out there with the strong wind".

Some people replied negatively: "What if the wind stops, then the pigs couldn't fly anymore".

There always is a solution for any problem. Let your products fly overseas with INNO-APPS. Terence Chang, director of JJ Ventures, said that there are many overseas developers who will come to join the Beijing conference, to share their experiences. The purpose of INNO-APPS is to coordinate resources internationally. To give developers wings!

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