Xcerra Announces New Instruments for Diamondx

NORWOOD, Mass., March 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xcerra Corporation (Nasdaq:XCRA), today announced the first two in a series of new instruments to be introduced this year for its Diamondx test platform, a key product of its LTX-Credence brand. These new instruments will extend the capabilities of Diamondx to meet the semiconductor test challenges in fast growing markets such as mobile power management, automotive, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In addition to extending the Diamondx into new markets, these latest instruments have common architectural features benefitting the general market by providing higher throughput and improved flexibility. These new instruments take full advantage of the innovative architecture of the Diamondx, sharing the following key attributes:

  • High levels of channel density
  • Native, high bandwidth multi-lane PCI Express interface
  • Multi-threaded, full duplex communication
  • Advanced concurrent test operation
  • Energy efficient and focused design
  • Adaptable programming models

The first two products, in a series of new instruments being introduced this year, are the PMVIx and the MP1x:

PMVIx – targeted at highly integrated mobile power management, higher power MCU and automotive applications, the PMVIx is a 72 Channel Power Management VI instrument, with up to 1A per pin, gang-able to 16A. Included are 20V capability on every pin, true current sink as well as per pin TMU access and precision voltage measure.

MP1x– targets high speed digital interfaces typically designed into application and baseband processors, display logic and communications applications. MP1x offers 80 Channel DDR/LPDDR/ LVDS test solution, providing up to 1Gbps data rate, source synchronous and clock forwarded. The MP1x complements the already available HSIOx, which is used for a broad range of SerDes test challenges.

Production shipments of these new instruments will begin in spring 2015.

Steve Wigley, vice president of the tester group, commented, "With the success of the Diamondx, it has become a key part of our product portfolio with over 100 systems installed worldwide. When we introduced the platform, the innovative architecture was seen as a key differentiator from competitive offerings. Customers that have deployed the Diamondx in production are seeing the operational benefits of this architecture through high quality testing with lower total cost of ownership. With the introduction of these new instruments, Diamondx customers can realize the same benefits across a broader range of mobility, consumer and automotive applications."

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