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Yahoo hopes to make super private emails easier

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Yahoo wants its users to lock up their emails so even it cannot read them. To this end the company is building an end-to-end encryption service that locks up emails so that only the sender and receiver can read them, leaving the service provider out of the picture.

The encryption process is complicated and thus used by very few tech-savvy people. Now Yahoo has announced a version of the plugin for its users that will roll out this year, according to the Washington Post.

The plug-in will work with Google's version because both sides need to be involved for successful end-end encryption.

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"What we're trying to do at Yahoo is build our products so they're safe and trustworthy, not just secure," Yahoo information security chief Alex Stamos told The Washington Post in an interview.

Stamos said he doesn't expect end-to-end to be used for most emails, only the most sensitive of information, like tax documents. That could be good for Yahoo and other email providers who hope to gleam as much data as possible from emails for advertising purposes.

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