School Specialty Partners With Stroudsburg, PA School District to Modernize Local High School

GREENVILLE, Wis., March 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- School Specialty, Inc. (OTCQB:SCOO) ("School Specialty" or "the Company"), a leading distributor of innovative and proprietary products, programs and services to the education marketplace, today announced the successful refurbishment of Stroudsburg High School in Stroudsburg, PA. The newly renovated facility promotes a 21st century learning environment that's comprehensive and cutting-edge, and inspires student and faculty pride in both the school and their surrounding community.

School Specialty Partners with Stroudsburg, PA School District to Modernize Local High School

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School Specialty's Projects by Design (PbD) group collaborated with Stroudsburg educators to outfit the high school with top-of-industry furniture and equipment products that meet the needs of various learning spaces. PbD has more than 20 years of experience furnishing educational facilities at every level, and was able to provide innovative solutions that not only enhance the student/teacher experience at Stroudsburg High, but also support its success as a civic center.

Jeff Sodl, Stroudsburg High School Principal, commented on today's news, "School Specialty has been our strategic partner for facility furnishing and development for a long time, and I knew from the start that we could count on them to help us achieve our lofty goals to revamp Stroudsburg High. The newly enhanced school truly represents the heritage of the community, which is exactly what we set out to accomplish. This remarkable success would not have been possible without Projects by Design."

The project began in late 2011, with the final phases completed in the summer of 2014, in time for the outset of the 2014-2015 school year. District administrators wanted a facility that would serve the interests of all local students and teachers. To fulfill this goal, PbD outfitted a wide range of learning spaces, including the athletic department, science and technical labs, art and music areas, traditional and special needs classrooms. PbD's expert knowledge, hands-on experience and resources allowed for the smooth and successful rollout across the entire facility.

Every aspect of the new Stroudsburg High School has been a resounding success, with noteworthy achievements in the science and technical labs, library, and cafeteria. As the Stroudsburg community has a strong vocational focus, PbD installed furniture and equipment solutions for the school's computer-aided design (CAD), business, engineering, materials, technology and robotics labs, ensuring that students can foster their unique academic and career interests in a state-of-the-art facility.

The library and cafeteria serve as other focal points of Stroudsburg High, where students can engage, collaborate and learn outside the classroom. These two areas emphasize the District's desire to cultivate a sense of community, and utilize furniture and other equipment that the PbD team customized with the Stroudsburg school colors – maroon, grey and white. The library, in particular, was designed to stimulate 21st century teaching and learning through strategically chosen furniture pieces and room layouts that support group coursework.

A Variety of 21st Century Furniture and Historical Artwork in the Stroudsburg High School Cafeteria

The cafeteria serves as the heart of the school's remodeling around the Stroudsburg culture. The use of vivid theme colors and the Mountaineer mascot logo inspire school pride, and the integration of customized artwork and vintage pictures that capture the town's historical events capture the spirit of the local area. Jamie Kline, School Specialty Account Manager and Tom Casperite, Projects by Design Coordinator partnered with the Stroudsburg Historical Society to complete the unique design, creating a gathering center for the entire community.

Kline noted, "By tapping into our industry-leading inventory of educational products, we were able to provide everything necessary for student success across all areas of the new high school. We are extremely proud of what we accomplished with the District for Stroudsburg High, and the technical labs, library and cafeteria are especially impressive. Providing solutions for every conceivable learning need is what we do best, and this project is a powerful example of our capabilities."

Sodl concluded, "The new Stroudsburg High is not only an institution for learning but now, more than ever, it has become the gathering place for all kinds of local social events. There is a greater sense of belonging for students of any background; the improved face of the school reminds them that they are all part of the same community. Many students have told me that they feel like they are in a movie when they come to school each day. It's an amazing setting and the sense of enthusiasm that pervades our halls is a direct result of our partnership with School Specialty."

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