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Lightning Round: Why I don't like solar stocks

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Zagg Inc: "It's making a bit of a comeback. I still think it's a commodity but I recognize the strength in the stock and I think it's had a couple of quarters where it going to do the numbers. I'm not crazy about it."

JinkoSolar Holdings: "I'm not in favor of the industry. If I had to own one I would own First Solar. I just think that oil is going to be down for a long time and these stocks trade off of that and that makes me not want to own any of the solars. "

JPMorgan Chase & Co: "I think that rates are going to go higher over the course of the year, and therefore you want to own JPMorgan. But my Charitable Trust owns Wells Fargo, which I do like more. "

Acorda Therapeutics: "This stock was red hot going into the conference period, and then it cooled...I think you buy Acorda and you pull the trigger right here."

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Caterpillar Inc: "It's down so much that at this point it's just not worth selling. Talk about a company that is just not hitting the numbers, and not executing. In other words—stay away."

TG Therapeutics: "I like him. We like Mike Weiss, he came on the show and told a pretty good story and we recommended the stock. I'm reiterating the buy right here."

HealthEquity Inc: "Let me do a take-out on HealthEquity. It's kind of an interesting company, and it kind of interests me because I know a lot of people with small businesses are interested but I don't feel I can opine on it until I do more work."

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