Starbucks race discussion plan draws backlash on social media

Starbucks' baristas across the country have begun writing "Race Together" on coffee cups as part of a wider company effort to raise awareness on race relations.
Source: Starbucks

Starbucks' decision to bring race relations into the coffee ordering process is already sparking a heated discussion on social media.

The coffee giant experienced backlash on Twitter after news it is inviting customers to join in a discussion about race in its stores—the latest development in its attempt as a company to talk about race relations more openly.

As part of the move, baristas across the nation will voluntarily write "Race Together" on cups and may engage customers in conversation about it.

"They're entering almost a war zone where you have to be careful," said Martin Lindstrom, a brand consultant and advisor to large companies.

"Would I do it? No, I think it's too dangerous because there are too many unknowns, and I think few people would do it," he added.

Starbucks addressed the initiative in a Tweet out Thursday:


Many Twitter users suggested baristas learn proper spelling before diving into such a controversial topic.

Here's what people had to say about Starbucks' new race relations policy:

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