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These trends are wreaking havoc right now

Cramer: Market cross currents

Jim Cramer has spent much of his career anticipating trends in the stock market and teaching investors how to best profit from them. However, now the market has become a whole new ballgame, and all the trends have been thrown out the window.

"Why can't we put together a winning streak? Why can't we go up for more than a day? I think there are a whole host of reasons that are all endemic to 2015, and they're worth going over for certain," Cramer said.

In light of a mixed market that was all over the place on Tuesday, Cramer reviewed key themes that could be bringing it down.

To start, Cramer thinks that estimates for many companies are just too darned high. The market doesn't seem to be ready for it, and it's been reacting strangely.

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For instance, when Intel announced last week that business has been weak due to slower PC sales, the market didn't even blink an eye. And even though investors didn't take this seriously, Cramer takes it as a sign that there could be more companies that aren't doing as well as initially thought.

Next is technology, which currently represents about 18 percent of the and overshadows the rest of the market. Generally the heavy weight of technology should be offset by the finance sector, which is the second largest group in the S&P.

Cramer is specifically concerned about the banks, because they are supposed to do well when interest rates rise. Yet he thinks that the estimates are just too low for them, especially since many expect that the Fed will shed light on when rate hikes will occur in the future on Wednesday.

"So if you believe Fed Chief Janet Yellen can no longer afford to be patient with low rates, you want to be buying the banks, and sure enough, that group had a nice move today, which one again kept the market from totally rolling over, " Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host thinks that the reason why the market is so confused is because estimates are too high on companies like Intel and too low on the banks.

Then there is the oil patch, which has fallen hard again after a big spike to $53 recently. And while the airlines have rallied off of the drop in oil price, Cramer thinks that the rally might be limited now that the strong dollar could prevent tourist traffic to the U.S. from overseas.

The last trend that has stopped being your friend is pharma, which has shown a broad disparity between the traditional pharma with overseas exposure, and biotech pharma. Stocks like Actavis closed high on Tuesday based on its acquisition of Allergan.

"The key thing you need to know about Actavis is that it's a growth pharma play that's not bound by the same rules as a Pfizer or a Merck, " added Cramer.

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All of this up-and-down action in the market has caused a significant amount of confusion, which created inconsistency. Some stocks are up, some are down, some going with the trends and others not. They are all over the place!

"There are real cross currents right now, trends that are often diametrically opposed in the same session. The result? Inconclusive battles playing out daily. Get used to it," Cramer said.

Apparently, this is the new 2015.

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