Announcing Everywear Games -- the World's First Wearable Games Studio

HELSINKI, Finland, March 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today marks the announcement of Everywear Games, a new Helsinki-based gaming studio that will focus entirely on developing for the leading wearable smartwatch devices. The company was formed by a team of veteran executives whose track records include work for prominent industry figures like Remedy, Digital Chocolate and Rovio.

Everywear Games is backed by some of the top gaming investors in the world. Petteri Koponen (Partner at Lifeline Ventures, previously Chairman of the Board at Supercell) is Everywear Games' new Chairman of the Board, and Nikolaj Nyholm (Partner at Sunstone Capital, previously advisor on Minecraft) has joined its board of directors.

"We see wearable tech as the most exciting new platform of 2015," said Aki Järvilehto, CEO and co-founder of Everywear Games. "As developers, this year presents an unrivalled opportunity to craft completely original gaming experiences for a global audience."

The new studio is the first significant player to enter the wearable games market, aiming to create fresh gaming experiences optimized for smartwatches and tailored to fit naturally with everyday life.

"It's energizing to do something that has never been done before. The potential for natively developed games on wearables is limitless," said Mika Tammenkoski, CTO and co-founder of Everywear Games. "We're striving to perfect the wearable gameplay experience."

Everywear Games was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, one of the world's leading centers for mobile gaming development. "At Lifeline, we want to invest in superstar teams and disruptive business ideas that change all the rules," said Petteri Koponen. "We see wearable gaming as the next big seismic shift in the video game landscape, and Everywear Games is positioned perfectly to capitalize on that."

Further details on Everywear Games products will be revealed in the coming year. For more information until then, please follow along at and

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