Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss Specialists Announces New Diet Recipes to Aid Powerful Prescription Hormone Treatments

SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc not only offers medical weight loss bolstered by powerful prescription hormone treatments, but now combines these potent treatments with customized diet recipes for better weight loss.

Trying to pair a prescription hormone diet with the most effective diet recipes can be demanding for even the most seasoned nutritionist, let alone the common American trying to lose weight. In order to aid their patients and provide better weight loss, Diet Doc has created a great new lineup of delicious and convenient diet recipes, helping patients get the most out of their prescription hormone diets. With an already established support system in place for all patients, new Diet Doc diet recipes only stand to bolster this support system.

Diet Doc's new diet recipes include healthy low calorie, high protein options, all thoroughly explained in the Diet Doc diet recipe cookbook. This cookbook is packed with nutritionist designed diet recipes, each working flawlessly with the company's prescription hormone treatments to produce great results.

The Diet Doc weight loss system is simple. Once a client decides to take control of their weight-related quality of life, the next step is to visit Diet Doc online at and complete a confidential, online health questionnaire, which provides the in-house physicians with a clear medical and health history. The Diet Doc team then uses this survey to determine if any underlying issues like improperly functioning organs or internal imbalances exist. Next, a personal consultation is scheduled, allowing new patients to confer with a licensed weight loss physician, done via video or telephone from the comfort of the patients' own home. Not only does this privacy provide patients with better weight loss, as they open up more freely about personal issues that they may not be comfortable discussing in person, but also provides a medical basis upon which to prescribe powerful diet aids like Diet Doc's potent hormone treatments.

During this initial consultation the physician will discuss treatment options, focused exclusively on achieving better weight loss. If thought to be beneficial, the physician can prescribe Diet Doc's powerful hormone treatments, which when combined with the company's new diet recipes has been found to as much as 20 pounds of weight loss monthly.

Interested in Diet Doc's new diet recipes and powerful hormone therapy for weight loss? Contact them directly at 888-934-4451 today.

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