Foresight Dealer Action Report(TM) Serves Up Actionable Insights for Auto Dealers

ROCHESTER, Mich., March 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Foresight Research announced today the launch of Foresight Dealer Action Reports™. This suite of syndicated, single-topic reports was developed to arm dealers with actionable data to tackle their most pressing marketing issues, at a fraction of the cost of custom research.

"Most dealers face the same challenges with getting prospects in the door and giving those prospects a positive buying experience," said Nancy Walter, Vice President Business Development at Foresight. "Yet finding solid research information and insights that directly support dealer goals is difficult, and often cost-prohibitive. So we developed Dealer Action Reports™ to provide targeted and actionable data, easily accessible, at a very attractive price…and most dealers have the option to customize select metrics to their market."

Foresight drew on dealer feedback, as well as insights and trends observed in both our annual new auto buyer study, and studies in each of 74 markets, to identify individual report topics most helpful to dealerships and dealer groups. The first reports address topics related to management and marketing:

  • Basic dealership management needs
    • How Prospects Choose a Dealer™
    • What Prospects Want From Dealer Staff™
    • Customer Shopping Patterns™
    • The Dealership of the Future™
  • Marketing and communications
    • Retail Events
    • Digital Media Use and Influence™
    • Brochures and Your Dealership™

Walter said, "We always welcome hearing about other areas of concern or opportunity from dealers and dealer groups. This list will grow reflecting dealer needs and Foresight findings."

"Brochures and Your Dealership Report™ is one example of a Dealer Action Report™," said Walter. "This topic was chosen because brochures are often targets for cost cutting, yet are so important to consumers. They influence almost three in ten new car buyers, and 72% of people who get brochures pick them up in a dealership. This very-focused report profiles those influenced most by brochures, shows where people obtain the brochures, whether it is single-model or full line, which segment and brand buyers are more likely to use/be influenced by them in the purchase process, and much more."

Each Dealer Action Reports brings the voice of the customer to the dealership. These reports can help to tackle specific challenges experienced at the store, to take successful areas up a notch, to focus communication plans for increased purchase influence, or even to inform sales training.

About Foresight Research –

Foresight Research specializes in syndicated and custom studies focusing on key influencers of purchase decisions in the automotive industry. Since 2008, Foresight Research publishes several syndicated reports each year that provide information, strategies and best practices to help auto companies, their partners, and auto dealers to build, position, and support marketing insights and actions.

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