Mickey Mouse: Bookie?

Source: DraftKings

Americans wager hundreds of millions of dollars a year on daily fantasy sport sites, and Disney may be looking for a piece of the action.

A new report from Fortune says Disney is considering taking a stake in the daily fantasy leader, DraftKings. Disney has no comment on the story yet, but the big money at stake makes the story seem plausible.

But wait! This is people risking money on a game or event in hopes of winning money from other players with the game operator taking a cut? Sounds like gambling to me. Disney… and gambling? It really is a small world after all!

To be fair, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins told CNBC last month that daily fantasy is a skill-based game and therefore is not like traditional casino games (roulette, slot machines) where the house has a built-in edge that no amount of skill will overcome in the long-term.

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But that sounds a lot like poker, too. Anyone who has tried to play poker, or watched it played at the highest level knows that although poker has a big element of luck in the short-term, it is clearly a game of skill.

Yet, online poker sites can't legally operate in America,except for Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Will online gambling critics come next for daily fantasy? Or will Disney's mouse-eared seal of approval keep them at bay and open the door for possible acceptance for poker sites down the road?

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