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Cramer: Snap up this incredible opportunity

Esperion Therapeutics' fight against bad cholesterol
Esperion Therapeutics' fight against bad cholesterol

Jim Cramer has always had the goal of alerting investors when an incredible opportunity reveals itself. He knows how to spot the stocks that keep heading higher without any end in sight.

For instance, the $2.3 billion drug developer Esperion Therapeutics has been on a tear lately as investors anticipate its pill that is designed to lower levels of bad cholesterol in patients who are unable to take traditional statins.

The stock more than tripled last year, and then on Tuesday the company announced promising phase 2 data for its anti-cholesterol pill that sent it to $99 from $77.

"At that point you might have thought that the run was finished, especially since Esperion announced a 1.75 million share secondary offering on Tuesday night. But you would have been wrong," the "Mad Money" host said.

The secondary deal offered $100 per share, and considering that it closed at $110 on Thursday investors could have made a killing already.

Could this stock head even higher in 2015? To find out, Cramer spoke with Esperion CEO Tim Mayleben.

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"I don't know the explanation for the stock activity for sure, but we are very excited about the drug that we are developing. It's got a particularly unsexy name…but we think it's one of the most attractive drugs in development," Mayleben said.

In recent studies, the new drug was able to lower LDL cholesterol by itself and also in combination with the traditional treatment of statins.

"That's vitally important for patients who are taking a medicine like this or could take a medicine like this for the rest of their lives," the CEO added.

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Mayleben explained that while Regeneron, Sanofi and Amgen all have cholesterol therapies up for approval with the FDA this year, what separates Esperion from the pack is that this is a once-a-day pill that does not require injection.

"We hold the radical belief that patients will prefer an oral once-daily pill, rather than have to self-inject or go to their doctor for an injection," he said.

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