3D Print Your Own Garden Grow Box: Texas Inventor Releases 3D Parts and Instructions for Self-Watering Grow Systems

AUSTIN, Texas, Mar. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Texas inventor and science lab director Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") has publicly launched 3D printable parts and instructions for making your own self-watering float valve, the key component in non-electric hydroponic grow systems.

The automatic float valve requires eight parts in total: Four can be 3D printed using files that are freely available for downloading at www.FoodRising.org

The other four parts can be easily found almost anywhere:
* A No. 2 pencil eraser
* A paper clip
* A discarded vitamin bottle
* A garden hose rubber washer

Using these parts, users can assemble their own automatic water level float valves which make "non-circulating hydroponics" grow boxes work. Step-by-step instructions and 3D parts are posted now at FoodRising.org.

Adams has posted several online videos at www.FoodRising.org showing the abundant lettuce, herbs, beans and strawberries he has grown using this 3D printed float valve. He says the system allows you to grow "better-than-organic lettuce, herbs and garden greens for pennies on the dollar."

He's also organized the donation of 250 complete grow box systems to schools across America. Funding has already been secured for all 250 grow systems, and they ship out the first week of March, putting 3D printed grow systems into the hands of schoolchildren across America.

"We want to show children not only the joy of growing their own nutritious food, but also teach them about the rise of the next industrial revolution: 3D printing and additive manufacturing." Adams explains.

Adams is the executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center that launched the project and organized the donations. He says he has plans to release four more "revolutionary inventions" in 2015 that are 3D printable, practical devices which solve difficult problems. His next 3D printable invention, he says, is "a device that can remove arsenic from contaminated well water."

Adams runs an ICP-MS lab with a mass spec instrument and has already invented a patent-pending nutritional supplement that can remove radioactive isotopes from the digestive tract.

Learn more at www.FoodRising.org

Media contact: media@foodrising.org

Source:Consumer Wellness Center