CannaBrands Launches Cowboy Caramel Corn a New Marijuana Edibles Brand

SEATTLE, March 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CannaBrands, Inc. a marijuana branding company announced today the launching of a new edibles brand, "Cowboy Caramel Corn".

CannaBrands is partnering with Everett collective "From the Heart" who produces the new cannabis infused caramels brand. CannaBrands is developing a diversified portfolio of cannabis brands. Launching "Cowboy Caramel Corn" is part of the ongoing execution of its business plan.

In conjunction with "From the Heart," a multi-tiered advertising and social media marketing campaign will accompany the brand's launch.

Shannon Lee, Heart to Heart Founder stated: "I am looking forward to helping other patients from our heart to theirs by producing the cannabis infused caramel corn 'Cowboy Caramel Corn' distributed by medical patients driven by quality ingredients and quality branding."

About CannaBrands, Inc.: The business of CannaBrands is developing and licensing uniquely branded specialty goods targeted to cannabis consumers residing in the states where the production and consumption of cannabis infused products, such as bottled sodas, coffee beverages, baked goods and other cannabis related products are legal for persons 21 years or over. At CannaBrands we hold our company and our products to the highest standards, differentiating our brands and our organization from others in the market.

About From The Heart Collective: From the Heart is a cooperative that produces and processes marijuana for medical purposes. They are a Washington Chapter 69.51a RCW compliant organization. From the Heart only accepts patients who have been seen by a physician who has given them a written doctor's recommendation for the use of medical marijuana.

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