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A key Chinese figure will determine the market

Cramer: Can post-Fed rally continue?

If there is one thing that Jim Cramer learned from the infamous Gordon Gekko in the movie "Wall Street," it is that being greedy doesn't pay off.

Have you cashed in on a few positions lately? If not, what are you waiting for?

To clarify, Cramer isn't saying to start selling off positions because he is bearish on the market outlook. He thinks that the market has a right to run after the big, bad Fed meeting is finally over. In fact, he knows that in order to prepare for the averages to run higher, that means having a good supply of cash on the side.

"I'm just saying that when you see these runs, you have to remember that there are going to be speed bumps. Do you have enough cash to take advantage of them? Or are you going to be caught having taken no profits at all? That's the way we roll in Cramerica," said the "Mad Money" host.

With this in mind for the upcoming week, Cramer has his eye on China. He thinks that we need to see a least a little bit of a bounce in China in order to justify how expensive industrial stocks have become.

In his opinion, Monday will mark the single most important Chinese number that will determine the direction of the market next week. The HSBC Manufacturing PMI will be announced, and he thinks it needs to be something higher than 51 or the market will open down.

With China in the scope of his view, here are a few other stocks that the "Mad Money" host will have his eye on next week:

Monday: G-III Apparel, Sonic
Sonic: Cramer loves this stock, especially since it was one of the restaurants that have benefited from the low price of gasoline. However, it is also at a 52-week high, which means investors could be getting in on it a bit late in the game.

Tuesday: Paychex
Paychex: Cramer has been behind this stock for a long time, though many analysts think the company's client base is growing too slowly and worry that there is not enough money to be made.

"I bet some analysts break ranks and go positive after the quarter, even as they sat out a pretty big move," Cramer said.

Wednesday: Five Below & PVH
Both are in the penalty box for Cramer as they have both had disappointments recently with bad misses and guide-downs. They will have a chance to redeem themselves. While that may be tempting, Cramer is on "watch and see" mode with both.

Thursday: LuluLemon, Gamestop
LuluLemon: Cramer thought this one had turned a corner, but he is nervous about this stock because of the California port slowdowns which may have hurt the company. And while the stock could drop after it reports, he does not recommend selling it because this is only a temporary speed bump. Instead, he thinks maybe it is time to buy into the weakness.

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Friday: Blackberry
"I think that with Blackberry, the fundamentals simply aren't good enough to bank on. Pass, " the "Mad Money" host said.

So, while it is completely possible that the post-Fed rally could continue, Cramer warned investors not to get too greedy.

"We tend to forget just how horrible the market was just a week ago. So ring the register on something, raise a little cash, because just for the record, this market's about as good as it can get," Cramer added.

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