Burger King Chicken Fries are coming back...again

Burger King Chicken Fries fans can rest easy now.

The fast food chain is bringing back the fry-shaped breaded and seasoned white meat item permanently, it said Monday. (Tweet This)

Burger King

"The conviction of Chicken Fries fans never ceases to amaze us," said Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King's chief marketing officer of North America in a release.

Burger King first brought back the item, which originally launched in 2005 but left menus in 2012, in August following an outpouring on social media asking for its return. The limited-time promotion ran out a few months later.

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Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International CEO Daniel Schwartz specifically singled out Chicken Fries last month as a product that helped drive results at the company.

Schwartz described Chicken Fries as its "most successful product launch since acquiring the company in 2010 and another example of an operationally simple, yet very impactful product."

The re-launch is also in line with the recent trend of restaurant chains emphasizing new chicken items on their menus instead of beef.