Federated National Holding Company Announces Closing of Joint Venture and Approval of Monarch National Insurance Company

SUNRISE, Fla., March 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Federated National Holding Company (Nasdaq:FNHC) ("FNHC") today announced the closing of its joint venture to form a new property and casualty insurance carrier in Florida known as Monarch National Insurance Company ("Monarch Insurance") and the receipt of a certificate of authority from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation ("OIR") for Monarch Insurance to begin writing Florida homeowner's insurance. Crosswinds Holdings Inc. (TSX:CWI) ("Crosswinds"), through its majority-owned limited partnership, and Transatlantic Reinsurance Company ("TransRe") are also parties to the joint venture.

Michael H. Braun, FNHC's Chief Executive Officer and President, said, "We are pleased that Florida's OIR has granted Monarch Insurance's certificate of authority and expect to begin writing new business this month. This is a great opportunity to expand our product offerings to our existing partner agents in the Florida homeowners market and to achieve greater economies of scale from our operations. We look forward to working closely with our joint venture partners as we launch and grow Monarch Insurance in the coming years."

Colin King, Crosswinds' Chief Executive Officer, said, "This joint venture represents the consummation of a Crosswinds platform investment in the insurance industry. We are excited to be entering into this venture with high caliber partners, each of whom brings a tremendous amount of expertise to the table."

Monarch Insurance's underwriting and claims administration will be managed by a wholly owned subsidiary of FNHC. Monarch Insurance has also entered into a Reinsurance Capacity Right of First Refusal Agreement with Trans Re. Crosswinds, through its wholly owned subsidiary, will provide investment management services to Monarch Insurance and its parent companies.

Additional details about the joint venture are available on FNHC's website and in its public disclosure documents available at www.sec.gov.

About FNHC:

Federated National Holding Company (FNHC) is authorized to underwrite, and/or place through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, homeowners' multi-peril, commercial general liability, federal flood, personal auto and various other lines of insurance in Florida and various other states. Through its subsidiaries, FNHC markets and distributes its own and third-party insurers' products and other related services through a network of independent agents. FNHC also utilizes a select number of general agents for the same purpose.

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