Jordan River Animal Hospital Announces Extended Pet Dental Special

JORDAN, Utah, March 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jordan River Animal Hospital announced that the veterinary center is extending the practice's pet dental care special into the month of March with 45% off dental cleanings. According to the practice, the special proved so popular that not all pet owners were able to schedule an appointment with the animal hospital's veterinary dentist at a convenient time. Consequently, the animal hospital has extended the 45% special discount through the end of March. Pet owners are advised to book as early as possible to secure an appointment.

West Jordan veterinarian Dr. Terry Silkman announced that Jordan River Animal Hospital is extending its special 45% discount for pet dental services through the month of March.

"Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from pet owners, we are extending our special 45% off pet dental discount through the month of March," said Dr. Silkman. "We original introduced the special in February to celebrate 'Pet Dental Month' and raise awareness about the importance of pet dental care. Many pet owners fail to realize that pets need regular dental cleanings just like humans. Thanks to such a strong response to our discount, we've extended the special so all pet owners can schedule an appointment."

Three out of four pets aged three years or older show symptoms of periodontal disease, according to Dr. Silkman. Annual dental cleanings are one way to prevent the build up of bacteria and plaque along the gum line that contributes to periodontal disease and can also lead to bacterial infections and tooth loss.

"I recommend all pets over the age of two years receive an annual dental cleaning to remove plaque and hardened tartar from the gum line," said Dr. Silkman. "I also encourage pet owners to brush their pets' teeth, which will help to reduce plaque build up. Choosing dry food and giving pets dental-friendly toys, like rope toys that naturally 'floss' the teeth, will also help."

Symptoms of periodontal disease in pets include gum inflammation, redness, bleeding of the gums and a reluctance to eat hard foods or chew on toys. Should pet owners notice any of these symptoms, Dr. Silkman recommends scheduling an immediate appointment to evaluate the gums and the potential presence of oral health diseases.

"During a dental cleaning, we scrape away plaque and tartar deposits from the gum line," said Dr. Silkman. "Next, we polish the teeth to create a smooth surface that is resistant to future plaque and tartar deposit build up."

Jordan River Animal Hospital dental services include dental exams, cleanings, extractions, dental care advice, and pre-anesthesia blood testing before dental cleanings. Additional pet care services include annual exams, pet surgery, spay and neuter surgery, and urgent/emergency care during regular practice hours.

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