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5 market trends that could leave you in the dust

Cramer's 5 'what-ifs' that change equation for market

Jim Cramer thinks that sometimes it is a good idea to break away from conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. That means questioning popular trends and changing perspective on the investing world.

That is precisely why the "Mad Money" host came up with five "what if" scenarios, to help investors come to their senses and decide if the current trends are friend or foe.

No. 1 What if the dollar has stopped going up? Or at least, what if it won't go as high as many think? When Cramer looks back to a week ago, before the Fed meeting, many assumed that the dollar would be at par with the euro.

But then the Fed confirmed that it would not raise rates immediately, and the euro grew stronger.

"That matters because all of the big hedge funds out there believe that a stronger dollar can wreck the finances of whole countries overseas and cause tremendous pain for all our U.S. based international companies," Cramer said.

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But what if these big international companies won't be crushed by the U.S. dollar? In that case, Cramer thinks industrial, pharma and tech stocks are way too cheap. It would be huge if the dollar stopped going higher, because it would expose many of the hedge funds on the wrong side of the trade

No. 2 What if Europe really is healing? Cramer has started to see signs of strength in the retail sector in Europe. He also considers Germany to be the locomotive that is pulling the rest of Germany forward. He remembered back in 2011 when Greece was in serious trouble. The logic was that if you bail out Greece then Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain would want a bailout, too.

But now things are looking better in these countries. So what if Greece was kicked out of the European Union? Or what if Greece was given a 10-year deadline to clean up its act? Cramer thinks it should be just fine this time around.

No. 3 What if oil has already bottomed? Granted, oil was stronger on Monday because of the weak dollar. But when Cramer takes the dollar out of the perspective on oil, he sees that $43 is the actual price for the demand for black gold.

"Believe me there is a real demand for oil, and I think we've seen the level where it comes in," said the "Mad Money" host.

No. 4 What if the Apple watch is the real deal? What if this isn't really a watch, but is a medical device that happens to tell time? Cramer doesn't plan on getting rid of his watch, but he is still going to get an Apple Watch simply because he wants to have his vitals monitored.

"I think we should stop calling it the watch. I think we should call it the Alarm—it goes off when your health—mental or physical—is threatened."

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No. 5 What if social media stocks are doing better than you think? What if they are taking a bigger share in advertising revenues because of mobile adoption? Cramer has been watching stocks like Facebook, Twitter and Google and thinks this is the real deal. There is a rally between social media and connectivity, and the market has missed it.

Now, the last question: what if all of these things were real? These are exactly the trends that Cramer is seeing in the market right now. Time to get in and recognize them, or lose at your own risk.

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