How much does it cost to bury a 500-year-old king?

When it comes to state funerals, no one quite matches the UK for pomp and ceremony. Honoring a royal requires a lot of attention to protocol, planning and most of all: money. And when it comes to reburying a 500-year-old controversial king, there's no exception.

An overall budget of £2.5 million ($3.7m) has been given to Leicester Cathedral to reinter the former English King Richard III.

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The reason why the UK is only giving Richard, who died at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, a proper burial now is because his body was only discovered in 2012 at a site for a multi-storey car park in Leicester. A DNA test by the University of Leicester a year later confirmed that bones were those of the king who history portrays as a child-murdering psychopath and William Shakespeare once described as a "poisonous hunch-backed toad."

On Sunday, Richard's remains were taken on a formal procession around Leicester and its nearby villages in a lead-lined coffin. The king will lie in state at Leicester Cathedral until Wednesday 25th March for members of the public to pay their respects before being reburied on the 26th March.

Queues to visit the king's coffin started at 6.30am today, with people travelling from as far as Georgia, U.S., and Finland to come and pay their respects, according to the Leicester Mercury, a local newspaper.

For the seven day reburial service (March 22nd to 28th), £1.4 million of the budget has been given towards the cathedral's design and events taking place there. According to Leicester Cathedral's official site, funds have been raised through an appeal, which includes trusts and private individual donors.

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The tomb stone itself has been carved from a single piece of Swaledale Fossil, which is estimated to be more than 350 million years old. What makes it special is that the stone is from Richard's former North Yorkshire estates, according to a statement made by UK company, Britannicus Stone.

Explaining as to why Richard III should get a state funeral, Phillippa Langley, a member of the Richard III Society, who campaigned for a reburial the event, told U.K. magazine the Radio Times that "he's an anointed monarch. Margaret Thatcher got a state funeral - and she was just a prime minister."

It was estimated that the state funeral service for former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in 2013, cost the taxpayer £3.6 million ($5.37m).

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