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This dating app is betting on wearables for growth

The Zoosk App on Android Wear
Source: Zoosk

You may soon be finding dates using your smartwatch.

Online dating company Zoosk is rolling out the beta version of its app for Android Wear smartwatch on Wednesday, and plans to fully launch the app on the platform as soon as next week.

"Dating obviously lends itself very well to mobile. It lets you be on your device at all times and so this is just an extension of that to really interact very quickly," said CEO Kelly Steckelberg.

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The app allows users to browse potential matches on the smartwatch and alerts them when they have matched with someone. Other dating apps like are already on the Android Wear platform and offer similar features.

Steckelberg said her company is also considering bringing its app to the Apple Watch, but wants to first gauge the response on the Android Wear platform. While the app is free to use for browsing potential matches, the company charges a subscription fee for access to premium features like messaging.

Zoosk's wearable push is part of the company's bigger plan to offer more services that will help drive profitability, Steckelberg said.

"We are always looking at opportunities for growth," she said. "Things like the wearables are a really great opportunity to build our user base. In terms of profitability, we have been focused on acquiring users efficiently and effectively, and making sure we are building a sustainable business."

Zoosk filed for an IPO last April, which was later delayed. In December, the company laid off about 15 percent of its workforce and made management changes. Steckelberg, who was the former chief financial officer, took the helm late last year and has since been focusing on getting the company in the green.

"The market changed its sentiment in 2014, so when we filed there was really an appetite for growth, and by the time we were ready to go out, it had switched to more focused on profitability and so we decided to change our financial profile this year," Steckelberg said.

Zoosk ended last year with $200 million in revenue, but at a loss, she said. The company, which was founded in 2007, has 33 million users worldwide, but does not share how many users are paying subscribers, Steckelberg said.

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