Cramer Remix: Can Twitter keep climbing?

Cramer: Can Twitter keep flying?

As most investors know, the success of a stock often depends on the strength of the company's leader. But Jim Cramer said the same goes for leadership stocks in the market—all it takes is one stock move to trigger buying all over the place. This includes Twitter, which flew higher on Tuesday but failed to bring the market with it.

"Some leaders have real pin action, and they can give you a spare or a strike far more easily than others," the "Mad Money" host said.

One of the groups on Cramer's radar that tend to trigger buying is the transports. He always knows that when the trains, planes and trucks are doing well, commerce is doing well. And more commerce means there are more passengers who are spending more money.

Unfortunately, transit stocks have not been doing very well lately, as the price of oil has dampened some of the return.

Another group is technology stocks, which has been up and down. The good news is that there are some clear leaders within tech. Bad news is that, in Cramer's perspective, these stocks aren't really qualified because they tend to be disruptive and don't have many followers.

For example, Netflix was on fire on Tuesday because a few analysts had positive commentary on it. Cramer remained unimpressed, though.

"The issue with Netflix…is that it doesn't inspire any other stocks to rally. Netflix disrupts everyone else," Cramer said.

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As Cramer proclaimed on Monday, social media stocks are a hot commodity right now. Leading the way for this group on Tuesday was Twitter, when it soared 6 percent. But should investors be suspicious of this high-flying stock, or is the rally here to stay?

To find out, the "Mad Money" host went off the charts and spoke with Tim Collins, a technician and colleague of Cramer's at

"Believe me, it's an important question because Twitter's a crucial member of the leadership in one of the strongest groups in this volatile market," Cramer said.

Collins was not only able to answer the question, but he was even more excited about Twitter after Tuesday's move. He added that while he expects to see a brief pullback later in the week, he thinks the stock is headed higher, perhaps much higher than initially thought.

Historically, the ceiling of resistance for the stock has been $50, and Collins said that when the stock breaks out above $50 that would signal that it's time to buy.

"Collins thinks the stock could be entering another phase where it rallies dramatically, like it did at the beginning of February," Cramer added.

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And while Twitter put smiles on many investor faces on Tuesday, there are some stocks that are driving Wall Street absolutely nuts because they are doing much better than professionals think they should.

For example, 3M wasn't supposed to have 6 percent organic growth. Boeing wasn't supposed to be able to sell as many planes than it said it could. And Honeywell shouldn't exceed the forecasts in its five-year plan.

But they did! Somehow these large companies with overseas exposure are not being killed by the strong dollar or weak emerging markets.

"All three companies throw off a huge amount of cash even with the strong dollar and Europe treading water and China's growth rate decelerating," Cramer said.

Additionally, all three companies have huge balance sheets and are very shareholder friendly with boosted dividends and buybacks galore.

But Cramer sees something that the pros don't. They have forgotten to factor in hard work, tactics and strategy of three amazing CEOs. If they had figured these in, they would also see why Cramer thinks they are tremendous companies.

Source: Gogo

Another trend that Cramer is seeing in the market recently, is the bull market of healthcare staffing. He attributed this to an improving economy and the Affordable Care Act which have driven more patients to hospitals. This translates to a need for more doctors and nurses.

The healthcare rally is evident in stocks like AMN Healthcare, which is up 18 percent for the year. AMN is the largest healthcare staffing and physician search company in the country.

Could the stock have more room to run? Cramer spoke with AMN Healthcare Services CEO Susan Salka to find out.

"We started to see the momentum begin in the second quarter, and it really picked up into the second half of the year. In fact, as we started this year we have continued to see it. Our orders in nursing in particular are over double that of last year," Salka said.

Another stock that is up big for the year is Gogo. And as Cramer continues to explore the various ways in which the Internet of things can branch into our lives, he decided to sit down with Gogo CEO Michael Small to discuss how the future of the connected aircraft could impact the airline industry.

"Our role in life is to bring bandwidth to the sky. As we do that, it is going to be used for more and more things. We got our start with passenger connectivity, but it is very clear that the connected aircraft is the future," Small said.

The CEO predicted that ultimately Gogo will generate more revenue from connecting the plane and the crew than it does from the passenger.

In light of the Germanwings tragedy that occurred in the southern France on Tuesday, Cramer asked Small if further innovation with Gogo's technology could ultimately be added to aircraft black boxes.

"Absolutely, and our hearts go out to the families involved. It's an awful situation. But yes, the connected aircraft will help," he responded.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

La Quinta Holdings: "I don't care about the supply. Sometimes supply begets demand. I like LQ here."

Visa: "I think that Visa after the split, it was a four for one, and here's the problem: you get one and then you get four, and you decide to sell one. It's going to churn here for a while and then it's going to go up. Remember that the split doesn't matter as much as Charlie Scharf's leadership and Charlie Scharf is best in show."

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