Facebook wants to change how you read news

Facebook wants to turn news content into native news feed posts as a way to keep readers inside the social network, according to The New York Times.

The Times said Facebook has been in talks with several media organizations, including the newspaper, about hosting news articles directly in Facebook feeds, saving users a click to the news organizations' websites. With 1.4 billion users, Facebook can expose those articles to more readers, but questions remain about how it benefits publishers.

Facebook believes it's a matter of speed. It takes too long for readers to leave Facebook and load a news article in a browser, especially on mobile devices.

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Facebook on a mobile tablet.
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Facebook on a mobile tablet.

While the deal may include a plan for publishers to make money from ads that would run alongside the content, they could lose out on internal user data and page views, says the Times.

In addition to the Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic are in discussions with Facebook, according to the newspaper. Testing the new format will take place in the next few months, it said.