27th Annual Cabbage Patch Kids Magical Easter Eggstravaganza

CLEVELAND, Ga., March 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cabbage Patch Kid tradition continues in the small mountain community of Cleveland, Ga., on March 28, 2015, at BabyLand General Hospital, Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Synonymous with being kids at heart, the Hospital Staff hid a Golden Egg for the Hunt for each separate age group. Increasing the number of eggs this year to 30,000 eggs, the hunt starts promptly at 2 p.m. With visitors coming in from West or East Coast, we still stress being on time. In 2014, 28,000 eggs were gone in 48 seconds.

Fun and laughter are the key ingredients to be a part of the Cabbage Patch Kids Family! The Day is full of fun events.

For a detailed Schedule of the Day's Activities: http://www.babylandgeneral.com/2015/02/27th-annual-cabbage-patch-kids-magical-easter-eggstravaganza/

Information about BabyLand General Hospital, home of the world-famous Cabbage Patch Kids, Cleveland, Ga. http://www.cabbagepatchkids.com/

For information Contact:

  • Vicky Frankum: White County Chamber: 706-865-5356
  • Margaret McLean: BabyLand General Hospital, Cabbage Patch Kids 706-865-2171, Ext. 241

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CONTACT: Margaret McLean Dir. of Corporate Communications BabyLand General Hospital/Cabbage Patch Kids Margaret.mclean@cabbagepatchkids.com www.cabbagepatchkids.com Telephone: 706-865-2171, Ext

Source: Cabbage Patch Kids (Original Appalachian Artworks)