GOP budget makes life harder for middle class: Dem

The budget presented by House Republicans would make life harder for working Americans, Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen said Tuesday.

The ranking Democrat in the House Budget Committee said on CNBC's "Squawk Box" that Republicans would get rid of some tax deductions for higher education and the child tax credit. In contrast, Democrats would provide more tax relief for the middle class by extending and expanding the child and dependent care tax credit and an income tax credit for working couples, he said.

Van Hollen acknowledged neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will be able to muster the support to pass their budgets, but he said the debate is worthwhile because it illustrates what the parties would do if they had the power to execute their plans.

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"I do think it's really important for people to focus on the priorities and values that are put forth in these budgets, because they do present really contrasting visions of how we move the country forward," the Maryland Democrat said.

"The hope is at the end of the day there may be some strand of these budgets where you can come together," he said.

House Democrats on Monday released a $3.7 trillion budget that would among other things raise the minimum wage, close special interest tax loopholes and support the Affordable Care Act. The budget conforms to President Barack Obama's call for a $1.8-trillion tax increase for wealthy Americans and corporations.

The Republican budget aims to cut $5.5 trillion in spending and balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes. It would repeal the Affordable Cart Act in full, rolling back all taxes, regulations and mandates enshrined in Obamacare.

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"Our budget is a pro-growth budget. We have a different view of how you grow the economy," Van Hollen said.

—CNBC's Lori Ann Larocco contributed reporting to this story.