Jet company offers college tour deal—for $43K

A Megellan Jet Gulfstream G550 Business Jet.
Source: Magellan Jets
A Megellan Jet Gulfstream G550 Business Jet.

A private jet company hopes to ease stress for families visiting multiple colleges—if they can shell out $43,500.

Magellan Jets will offer 10-hour flight cards for college-bound students starting at $43,500, the company said on Wednesday. The package—which is sold from March 25 to June 30—is designed to reduce the complications that come with scheduling multiple visits to potential schools.

Families get private car service and can schedule a chauffeured tour of the campus. Magellan also provides notebooks from each university so students and families can record their thoughts between visits.

Magellan sold 10-hour flight cards for the first time last April at the same starting price. Eighteen people bought the package in 2014, and the company expects about 50 buyers this year, a Magellan spokeswoman told CNBC.

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The package is tailored to busy parents who want to fit multiple college visits into a short period of time, the spokeswoman said.