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Lead foots watch out! New technology won't let you speed

Ford S-Max offers Intelligent Speed Limiter
Source: Ford

You knew it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Ford has unveiled new technology that automatically limits how fast your car can go based on the speed limits of the road where you are driving. The Intelligent Speed Limiter feature will be offered on the automaker's new S-Max model being sold in Europe.

"Intelligent Speed Limiter is one of those technologies that people will wonder how they did without—not just because they avoid speeding fines, but because driving becomes that much less stressful," said Roelant de Waard, vice president, marketing, sales and service, Ford of Europe.

Here's how the new system works:

Drivers of the S-Max will be able to set the speed limit they want to drive. It can be set to adjust to whatever the posted speed limit is in a particular area or the driver can set the system to allow the car to go up to 5 mph over the speed limit. After that the vehicle does the rest.

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If you are driving in an area in Europe where the posted limit is 50 kph, and you've set the Intelligent Speed Limiter to keep the car from going over the speed limit, that's the fastest the car will go. If you then drive into an area where the posted speed limit is 40 kph, the system will automatically slow the car down to the posted limit.

Ford said the speed limiter can be turned off by drivers and there are no plans to build the feature into models sold in the U.S.

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Still, the Intelligent Speed Limiter is indicative of where auto technology is headed. Increasingly, tech features are being geared to keep drivers from making poor choices behind the wheel.

Many would argue the speed we drive our cars and trucks should not be automatically limited, but for some in Europe, that will soon be an option behind the wheel.

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