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Need a job? Berlin's looking for a 'Brothel Tester'

A German social network for sex workers is looking for a "brothel tester" to check the quality of the service, standards of cleanliness and safe sex practices of brothels in Berlin.

Website (which translates as "Buying Me"), a social media platform for prostitutes, clients, brothels and companies specializing in the sex industry, is seeking a university-educated man or woman to join the company's "Quality Team," told CNBC.

The website's advert says that the candidate will have to test the service, cleanliness and compliance with safe sex practices in various brothels by taking a proactive approach to their work -- that is, by having sex with various women.

The website's product manager, Ben, who preferred not to give his surname, told CNBC via email that Kaufmich wanted "to establish a quality/rating systems for brothels."

"Having a brothel in Germany is totally legal but so far there is not a quality system for them in place. We want to be the Tripadvisor for brothels. Clients on Kaufmich should be able to check the quality of brothels before there go - like you check your hotel online before you book," he said.

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Ben emphasized that although the main part of the job was testing quality and standards, having sex was only "a part of the job."

Not only would the candidate have to rate the brothels on those criteria, he or she would also have to score their performance of the sex workers, which would be published on the website.

Candidates must be university-educated, preferably in business or the hotel industry and have "practical experience of several years of brothel visits." Experience of escorts is an additional advantage, the ad on Kaufmich's website says.

In addition, wannabe brothel testers must have a clean, neat appearance and health certificate, be communicative and enjoy working with people.

Fluency in German and an additional language (preferably French) is an advantage. Safe sex must be used throughout testing, the website said.

Ben told CNBC that, so far, the job had had around 150 applicants - mostly from Germany but also international applicants from Belgium and the Netherlands and also from U.K. The successful applicant will have to work in Berlin at first, he said, but would also test brothels in the whole of Germany.

"The amount is not clear yet as the candidate first need to draft test procedures etc," he said. "So the job is a lot of planning - and a bit of praxis." is part of an international group of companies with more than 120 employees in Germany, China and Spain, "offering realistic development and career opportunities," it said.

Prostitution and brothels are legal in Germany and sex workers pay taxes and have access to health insurance and social security benefits. In January, a draft law by the German government was set to strengthen the legal protection of sex workers, Deutsche Welle reported.

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