Power Play: Finding opportunity overseas

An employee sorts envelopes at Royal Mail in Northampton, England.
Getty Images
An employee sorts envelopes at Royal Mail in Northampton, England.

U.S. markets continue to fall to the downside today and when you take a look at the whole month, things aren't faring so well either. In March so far, neither the Dow or the S&P 500 have been able to hold gains for more than two days in a row. In fact, the last time the Dow remained positive for two consecutive days, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testified that rate increases would draw nearer as the economy strengthened.

While the Federal Reserve has delivered some uncertainty in the markets, Mark Travis of Intrepid Capital Investments, believes that we're beginning to enter a different market environment. "It's hard for people to realize that things were much bleaker six years ago," said Travis. "In general, prices are high, but that doesn't mean that there aren't opportunities across the world."

Intrepid Capital Investments sees plenty of opportunity in two pretty obscure overseas names.

First is London-based postal service company, Royal Mail Group. Travis told CNBC's Power Lunch that the company "has some interesting real estate that they're trying to monetize in the central district of London", and also believes they have privatized the British mail system.

Travis' fund is also invested in a construction company named Metka, with headquarters in Greece. The engineering contractor specializes in large scale oil & gas projects in the Middle East. The company pays a 5.7% dividend and the market cap is marginally made up of cash.