The $500,000 gold mountain bike

Most bicycle makers are trying to make their bikes lighter and stronger. But a special craftsman in California is making his bike heavier—and much more expensive.

Hugh Power, owner of House of Solid Gold in Beverly Hills, California, has built a thriving business (soon to be known as Gifts of Gold) covering unusual objects in the precious metal. He's made gold fishing lures that are encrusted with rubies and diamonds, gold drinking straws, a gold chess set and a gold guitar pick. He even made a gold toothpick for rapper Snoop Dogg.

"Pretty much everything I create is gold," he said.

This $500,000 mountain bike is made with 24-karat gold. The chain, spokes and pedals are all covered in gold, and its emblem has 500 black diamonds and 600 yellow sapphires.
Source: Courtesy of Hugh Power

Power's masterpiece is a gold mountain bike. He gave "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" an exclusive look at his rolling piece of jewelry.

The bike frame is covered in 24-karat gold, as is the bike chain, the spokes and even the pedals. The bike's logo on the front has 500 black diamonds and 600 yellow sapphires and the seat is covered in alligator skin. The final touch: a custom water bottle made of gold and wrapped in stingray hide.

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The price tag for the ultimate bike bling: $500,000.

Despite the blinding price, Power is confident he can sell it.

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"There's so much money out there and they're looking for places to spend it," he told "Secret Lives." "You'll always remember who gave you the gifts of gold."

A gold chess set designed by Hugh Power
Source: Courtesy of Hugh Power

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