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Lightning Round: This was a 'one and done'

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Dynavax Technologies: "It's up gigantically, and we are not recommending any of the biotechs that are up this much right now. They have to come down, and Celgene has to be up for three straight days before I am recommending one of these guys."

Hyatt Hotels Corporation: "No, if we are going to do hotels we have to go to Marriott. It's the one that is consistently putting up the great numbers. We are going to skip Hyatt. "

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: "That's a little too speculative, not as hot as some of the others that we have had, but Keryx is not going to be able to stabilize until we see the big dogs stabilize and we've only been in day one of stabilization."

Halliburton: "Please do not sell it. We are finally getting to levels where I think that the worst is priced in to Halliburton. I think you can go down 10 percent from here, and then you've got to buy more. This stock is down way too much, and it's a high-quality company. The quarter will be ugly, but it's a high-quality company."

Himax Technologies: "This is one where you've got to be in a Skyworks, not a Himax. You've got to be in the highest quality when you have these kinds of selloffs. "

Cisco Systems: "I like Cisco...if this thing goes down even a smidge more, guest what? I'm buying more for the trust. I like it here."

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GrubHub: "I think you should worry. This is something that my family really loves, we think the world of GrubHub. But up here, I think you think the world of GrubHub the product, not the stock."

GoPro: "There's been a couple of research notes saying that the worst is over. I still think that GoPro was a one and done. I like the ecosystem, but that was last year's trade."

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