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Tech turns tasty with printed pancakes

The technology surrounding 3D-printing has been used to produce many products: chess pieces and designer couture, houses and cars. But never anything delicious. Until now.

Meet the PancakeBot: the world's first pancake printer that allows you to design your own pancakes, print them in different colors and then eat them when they're freshly cooked.

The idea was first put forward by inventor and engineer, New York-based Miguel Valenzuela who's been working with StoreBound, a production innovation company, to get his product off the ground.

In 2014, Valenzuela created an acrylic version of the PancakeBot – more advanced than his initial Lego version – and is now working on developing a more superior version.

Making an individually designed pancake is easy. First the user uploads their chosen design to a PC. The PancakeBot's software creates the file and traces over the image, ready to cook.

The extra funding that goes towards the crowd-funded project, will help develop the mechanic's accuracy, advance the software's interface and even add extra color options.

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Credit: Storebound

If $1 million is backed by the project, this could lead to designing as SD card with more than 50 pre-loaded designs, which may even include Star Wars' R2D2.

The PancakeBot draws the design on to a hot griddle. The machine has an option to add food coloring to the batter.. The only issues? You have to provide and fill the batter yourself and flip it too.

With 13 days left, at least $295,400 has already been pledged to the PancakeBot's Kickstarter campaign, beating its original goal of $50,000.

Depending on how much people pledge leads to how much they get in return, with as little as $59 giving pledgers their face crafted into the shape of a pancake; whilst $849 can get you six PancakeBots, and $2000 can get you a limited edition personalized PancakeBot.

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3D Food: The taste test

The PancakeBot's designers want something that both adults and children would find exciting; and aims at using it for parties, buffets and even business events.

"PancakeBot is not just about making pancakes, it's about inspiring people to play with their food and explore how technology and robotics can be used in our everyday lives," it says on the project's site.

Slim Geransar, VP Executive Producer at Storebound, told CNBC via email that they were "overwhelmed by the success" and "truly amazed by the support" from Kickstarter.

In terms of expansion, Slim Geransar added that "we have had so many fantastic suggestions from the community that we are hoping to incorporate those that are feasible into this version and possibly develop add-ons, upgrades, and accessories to expand its capabilities in the future."