Havertown Eye Doctors Add i.Terminal to Equipment

HAVERTOWN, Pa., March 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Havertown optometrist Dr. Barry Toyzer of The Eye Doctors announced that his practice has acquired a Zeiss i.Terminal machine. According to Dr. Toyzer, the i.Terminal takes precise measurements of a patient's facial structure in order to fit eyeglasses so that the lenses perform optimally for the patient. He says that improperly-fitting glasses can reduce performance of prescription lenses by as much as 25%. The i.Terminal's measurements remove this margin of error, he says, enabling patients to see better and have a more comfortable fit with their eye glasses.

"The i.Terminal also enables patients to see pictures of themselves wearing several different kinds of frames, side-by-side," adds Dr. Toyzer. "So not only are we getting precise measurements of their facial structure so that the lenses can be set at the proper distance and width for optimal vision enhancement, but the patient can make a good comparison of which frames they like the best."

Dr. Toyzer says there are many factors in the fit of a pair of eyeglasses that can directly impact how the lens prescription performs for the patient. He explains that many people do not realize that even the shape of the frame and how the frame wraps around the head are two aspects that affect how well a set of glasses will help them. The pantoscopic angle, or the tilt of the lens through which the patient is looking is another facet. The vertex distance, or distance between the eye and the back of the lens, is another explains Dr. Toyzer.

According to Dr. Toyzer, the i.Terminal will take a lot of the guess work out of eyeglass fittings in order to save time and hassle for the patient. The i.Terminal, he says, provides very precise, accurate measurements very quickly and gives patients more options in frame choices that will correctly fit them. He says these high-tech measurements will prevent patients from having to come in for repeated refittings.

Dr. Toyzer says that patients like the i.Terminal because they can see all the frame choices they have all at once, rather than having to physically try on several pairs and compare the differences in a mirror. "The machine takes a picture, takes the measurements and shows the patient pictures, both from the frontal view of the face, and the side view as well. So they can see all of the possible choices they have, all at once on the monitor. This technology greatly improves the patient's experience, their ability to see through their glasses day-to-day, and saves them a lot of time through the whole fitting process."

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