25-Year-Old Discovers New Exotic Plant Life With Groundbreaking Healing Properties

Los Angeles, CA, March 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 25-year-old has stumbled onto some of the most powerful herbs ever discovered, the new exotic findings have proven to contain the strongest amounts of healing properties on earth. His findings have unveiled unthinkable amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamins, nutrients and healing properties, which untill now, were thought to be non-existing.

With such potent and inconceivable amounts of nutrients and healing properties, the human aging process is slowed down exponentially. The 25-year-old, Ryan Zamo, has taken these herbs and oils and has unleashed his very own anti-aging skincare line. Its results are unprecedented, causing instantly tighter skin and wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, and fine lines to become immediately less visible due to the hard-hitting restoration of nutrients to damaged skin cells.

Not only included into his anti-aging products but also his hair loss treatments, the properties of these exotic plants have also proven to help reverse thinning hair and baldness. Zamo's exotic findings are creating remarkable results for restoring youth, Julie C, a trial user stated, "I've used so many different products that have said to have amazing anti-aging properties. I was skeptical, but after just a few applications of Z Skin Cosmetics my skin was tighter, smoother and more radiant than when I was in my twenties." Zamo's exotic discoveries have already been named "Product Of The Year" by the Wall Street Journal. With the new powerful discoveries, Z Skin Cosmetics has changed the skincare industry for good.

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