25-Year-Olds Handmade Organic Skincare Products Become An International Success; Now Set To Replace Olay And Proactiv

Los Angeles, CA, March 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan Zamo, now the successful CEO of his own company Z Skin Cosmetics, started making organic hair and skincare products as an affordable solution to his own problems. In less than a year on the market, the products have become an international hit among consumers, taking the 25-year-old by complete surprise.

All of Zamo's products are 100% organic and still handcrafted by the young entrepreneur, "I started making my products last year because I had terrible acne and was losing all of my hair, I was tired of spending too much money on products that didn't work, and truthfully gave up all hope for any sort of triumph" said the 25-year-old.

His first products to hit the market fell under his organic skincare line "Z Skin", which included his Acne System, Sensitive Acne System, Age Defying System and Simply System. Within just months of launching these products, Z Skin Cosmetics was already winning awards around the world for unprecedented results, and had beat out leading commercial brands in blind studies.

Although the young college student was surprised by his enormous success, his background with organics proved to be the key attribution. Zamo, growing up around herbal remedies his entire life, turned to his parents to help him create a solution for his acne and hair loss, quoting "My mother let me in on her extensive background in plant bio, and her long career as a successful horticulturist. My father, who grew up in Hungary, always told me the stories about the amazing ways they would treat hair and skin with herbs and oils when he was growing up."

Just months after the incredible launch of Z Skin, Ryan Zamo decided to unleash his organic hair products "Z Hair", he said "I wanted to wait until Z Skin was under control before taking on a whole new line, I've never taken a business class nor do I know much about it, so I decided I'd wait a bit to launch my hair products so I wasn't too overwhelmed". Just like the sister line Z Skin; Z Hair also became an instant internationally selling product in just weeks of its launch.

Zamo still creates each and every product by hand, mentioning, "I really do love it though, granted I work 19 hours a day, but to me it isn't work. I actually enjoy getting to make each product, for each order and bottle it, label and package it all my self. When I get responses back from customers explaining how much its changed their lives, it makes it all worth it for me." The young CEO still keeps an in-depth relationship with each costumer, personally answering each email, phone call and inquiry he receives. This hardworking 25-year-old is building quite a revolutionary company from the ground up, and looks like he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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