Attorneys Using Morgan Drexen Support Services Pass Milestone of Helping More Than 21,000 Americans Resolve Crippling Debt

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morgan Drexen, an MDRX services company ( announced today that attorneys using the proprietary IT platform and software licensed by Morgan Drexen have set another client service record by surpassing the milestone of helping more than 21,000 Americans who were struggling with their overwhelming debt.

The company went on to say that attorneys using Morgan Drexen's services during the pre-bankruptcy filing phase of their client engagements, added an astonishing 1,000 Americans to the total in just the first 90 days of 2015.

"Today's announcement that the attorneys we support have now helped more than 21,000 struggling Americans shows how dedicated our attorney clients are to helping the consumers they represent," said Morgan Drexen COO, David Walker. "Our company was created to help attorneys lower their costs in order to provide legal services to Americans who are so overburdened by debt, that they wouldn't have been able to afford an attorney's help any other way. Now a few years later to see the overwhelming number of people those attorneys have helped is truly wonderful."

Along with today's publication that attorney's using the company's IT platform have helped more than 21,000 Americans, came the announcement that those attorneys have settled more than $554 million dollars of distressed consumer debt resulting in the elimination of $338,823,547 dollars of debt for struggling Americans.

"As a law firm, our company has always been about taking care of our clients," said attorney Vincent Howard of Howard Law PC. "So when we get a chance to hear back from our clients about how grateful they are for our services, it means a lot to us. Take, for example, Betty M. We helped her resolve over $37,000 dollars in debt and she can't stop talking about how thrilled she is that she is finally debt free."

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