In all his years, Cramer's never seen this

With the Dow up triple digits, stocks rose substantially on Monday. Jim Cramer went into investigation mode and discovered that there were two streams of money that poured into the market and lifted stocks substantially.

The streams that brought in the big bucks behind Monday's rally were led by news and analysis and asset allocation.

First was the news and analysis stream that woke up stocks from a sleepy Monday. All of the positive storylines propelled stocks that seemed completely out of reach just a few days ago

There was what Cramer described as a tsunami of bizarre healthcare mergers and acquisitions. For example, Cramer-fave Horizon Pharma used its Irish tax status to acquire Hyperion for $1.1 billion in cash. This will allow Horizon to acquire Hyperion's orphan drug pipeline, which could prove to be very lucrative down the line.

"You know how you can tell that there's a torrent of new money trying to get into the market? Simple: despite oil's decline, the oil stocks went up today, a sure sign that we've got mindless money being put to work," Cramer said.

So, after a bearish week in the market, investors welcomed all of the bullish news with open arms and open wallets. Even if the positivity only lasts a day, Cramer relished watching the flow of money reverse and the averages jump for joy as a result.

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A Cofor worker wearing a safety hard hat moves drilling pipes near to a rig at the geothermal energy drilling site operated by Semhach SA in Villejuif, France.
Kosuke Okahara | Bloomberg | Getty Images
A Cofor worker wearing a safety hard hat moves drilling pipes near to a rig at the geothermal energy drilling site operated by Semhach SA in Villejuif, France.

Another event that caught Cramer's attention on Monday was the stock movements of Harris Corporation and Exelis. On Feb. 6 Cramer got the socks knocked off of him when Harris announced both an outstanding quarter and an acquisition of fellow defense contractor Exelis for approximately $4.75 billion.

This is the second major consolidation in the defense sector in less than a year, showing a lot of movement in the group. What shocked Cramer the most was that both Harris and Exelis stocks rallied immensely. Normally the stock of an acquirer will shoot through the roof, not both!

"I think this deal makes Harris a much more attractive company, which is why I still believe the stock is worth buying even after its recent run," Cramer said.

Given that consumers are in a more stabilized environment, Cramer also thought it would be a good time to circle back to one of the most controversial stocks out there—Lululemon.

Lululemon's stock has been on fire lately, thanks to its strong turnaround story. Yes, it was the much hated stock of Wall Street. However, Cramer thinks that its latest quarter of excellent results proves that the old loved Lululemon is back.

"It rides one of the most popular themes ever. The power of yoga as a major and long-lasting prop to the desire of people to live forever, or at least until 100, and look good doing it," Cramer said.

Ali Partovi speaks at The New York Times Food For Tomorrow Conference At Stone Barns, NY on November 12, 2014 in Pocantico Hills, New York.
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Ali Partovi speaks at The New York Times Food For Tomorrow Conference At Stone Barns, NY on November 12, 2014 in Pocantico Hills, New York.

Cramer has been one of the biggest supporters behind the natural and organic food wave that has swept the country. He considers it one of the most lucrative trends of our era.

Cramer was inspired when he saw a TED talk by Ali Partovi and knew he had to interview him for "Mad Money." Partovi is a visionary angel investor, startup advisor and serial entrepreneur who has previously co-founded and sold two high-profile start-ups. He was also one of the first investors who saw the potential in Facebook.

Partovi has recently embraced a new venture for Farmland LP. This is a company that buys regular cropland and makes it more profitable by turning it organic. In the TED talk that Cramer saw, Partovi spoke about how organic farming is actually more profitable, more efficient and less expensive than industrial agriculture.

Could turning organic crops to cash catch on for the rest of the farming community? To find out, Cramer spoke with Partovi.

Partovi explained that he first started to wonder why organic food was so expensive when he had his first child and started caring about the type of food he was feeding her. He felt guilty that he was able to afford nutritious and organic foods, just because he was more affluent than others.

"I felt like it should be possible for everybody regardless of their economic status to be able to feed their kids the healthiest, best food," he said.

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Every day, Cramer receives numerous tweets asking for advice on the stock market. And while some can be answered with a simple yes, no or a quip that logs less than 140 characters—others cannot.

"It would be foolish to answer in 140 characters because you would have to be sweeping with no nuance, and nuance defines the art of good stock picking," the "Mad Money" host said.

So, in the interest of ensuring Cramerica receives the attention it deserves, Cramer has chosen to expand on what he feels is a very important question received via Twitter: What's the best place to invest new money—biotech horsemen, oil, cult, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla or semis?

One of the groups he recommended adding new money to was the semiconductor space. In Cramer's perspective, the key to the semis is to buy those stocks that are all about connectivity. This is the year for the Internet of things. Thus, he recommended Qorvo, Avago, NXP Semi,Skyworks Solutions and Spansion are in the epicenter of this movement.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Neurocrine Biosciences: "This is one of those stocks that were just like the ones that got bids today. And if you own a stock just for takeover, you could get hurt. Let's be cool, this thing has gotten too hot."

Cummins: "Cummins rallied today as part of a big money in situation on the belief that China will cut rates fast enough. I think it's got another point or two and then I think you're going to have to trade the stock because it's not right now a great investment."

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