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McLaren's big bet: The 570S coupe

Sneak peek at McLaren's 570S Coupe

You're looking at the new McLaren 570S—a super car with a sports-car price tag that could disrupt the longtime dominance of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt gave CNBC a sneak peek at the new car, which will be unveiled Wednesday at the New York Auto Show, and previously was dubbed the "black swan" project for secrecy.

The car, which boasts a 562 horsepower, 3.8 liter V-8 twin turbo, can do zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.1 seconds. It has a top speed of more than 200 mph.

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Mclaren 570S Coupe
Amanda Weindel | CNBC

And with its roots in the $1 million McLaren P1, as well as the $280,000 650S, the car has performance numbers that can rival or beat the Lamborghini Huracan and the Porsche 4S, according to Flewitt.

"This car is the lightest and the best performing car in that segment," he said. "And it is a super car to look at."

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Indeed, the styling of the 650S, with its sweeping air channels, menacing front end and tail that looks more like a rocket launcher than exhaust system, is sure to catch the eyes of today's wealthy car buyers.

The doors swing up like most supercars and the interior uses a sleek flat screen for most of the dash information. It's also got a Bowers & Wilkins speaker tweeter mounted on the top of the dash, giving it a high-end audiophile touch.

McLaren said the 570S is set to become the main engine of its own growth, powering sales to over 3,000 vehicles a year by 2017. But Flewitt said the company will likely never increase production much beyond 4,000, since it wants to remain exclusive and preserve resale values.

"We call it a soft ceiling of 4,000," he said.

McLaren has quickly broken into the supercar market, selling just over 1,600 cars last year and turning a profit in just over four years after it went into full-scale production. It proved its technological prowess with the seven-figure P1 and proved its scalable production prowess with the 650S. Now it's proving it can sell more cars than Lambo and give Ferrari and Porsche a run for their money.

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Of course, they will have to win over buyers who are more comfortable with the more established names—and resale values—of the big brands.

"We tend to appeal to people who know about sports cars and who know about this segment," he said." So people appreciate the fact that this is the only mid-engine, rear wheel drive, two seater sports car in this class. It's the only one that uses a carbon fiber construction that they use in race cars. Those are things that appeal to people who love sports cars and that's why they will buy the car."

Some already have. Flewitt said that one dealer has already taken 80 orders for the car—even though no dealers or customers have seen it—until now.

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