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Poll: Which Greek asset would you get in to?

Ulrich Baumgarten | Getty Images

Talks between Greece and its international creditors continued through the weekend after Athens submitted a long-awaited list of reforms on Friday.

The list of reform measures, which included a pledge to produce a small budget surplus this year, is being examined by the European Union and IMF. If approved, it will pave the way for new lending that will prevent Greece from running out of money by April 20.

While the risk of a "Grexit" remains, some analysts are still upbeat about a deal between cash-strapped Greece and its European partners.

"We believe the chances of a deal being struck are high. There's frustration in Europe about the lack of execution from the Greek government, but there's also a sensitivity that they have to handle Greece carefully because there are other countries who are voting later this year, namely Spain who has a similar party to Syriza called Podemos," Neil Dwane, chief investment officer of Europe equities at Allianz Global Investors, told CNBC.

"So Angela Merkel and the European Union have to show a smiling face to Greece even if they are frustrated," he added.

With that, vote in our poll and tell us which Greek asset class you would buy now: